Wallburger GmbH

Wallburger GmbH

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Wooden Toys, Timber, Woodworking, Bamboo & Wooden Crafts, Wood charcoal, Wood and Bamboo Dinnerware, Joiners, Gas Services, Building Services, Producers of windows, Sellers of wooden windows, Sellers of plastic windows

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Wallburger GmbH




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Wallburger GmbH
Siegburger Str. 223-225
506 79


Wooden windows

Wooden windows of the new generation – the IV 78 Softline Gold windows are modern wooden windows meeting high standards on thermal and noise insulation, durability, quality and design. We install and service the wooden windows throughout the entire Czech Republic.

Wooden euro-windows

We manufacture and supply wooden euro-windows. The wooden euro-windows are manufactured from halved glued joists and/or non-halved joists of fixed length with basic section of 68 x 82mm. Our wooden euro-windows are varnished by German double layer technology ( Glasurit ).

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